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Main Settings

Company Settings

The second page you will see in your settings if you are an administrator is  “company settings”. This page includes your company main setup. Name Simply your company name Time zone Choose your time zone. This is important as all your actions will be saved using this time zone. Also calendar syncs will use this […]

Your account

In settings the first page you will see is your personal account. Here you can set your own preferences. Name The name that identifies your accont Email This is your email address, and your login ID. If you change this also your login will change. if you change this in error your administrator can fix […]


* Available to Admins * Users can be found in Settings.  You can view each user in your  account, including what permissions they have. To add a user simply click on “New User” and fill in the form. Permissions From the Users panel you can set permissions according to your company needs. Permissions will not […]


Onpipeline is organized into Teams. A Salesperson can be part of one or more teams and you can have unlimited teams. Within any team you can appoint one or more Team Leaders. A Team Leader will automatically have access to any information related to the users within the Team and supervise all activities. Team Leaders […]

Renaming Labels in the Menu

Many customers ask us how they can rename the labels in the menu, because they want to customize them according to their business or simply because they would like to give them names they prefer. In settings just locate Rename Labels and choose the names you like best. The only limitation is given by the […]

Pipeline Setup

* Available to Admins or Authorized Users * Onpipeline comes with a standard Sales Pipeline. You are free customize the number of stages in your pipeline and each title of those stages according to your customers’ buying process. You can also set up multiple pipelines with their own stages and optionally reserve them for a […]

Deal Card Elements

Admins and authorized users may customize the way the deal card is presented in the Pipeline view. You can optionally add the linked organization, the linked person and/or a custom field of your choice. In order to customize the deal card just go to Settings and click on “Deal card”, then save the form to […]

How is data organized?

Although you don’t need to know a lot about databases to start working with Onpipeline, it’s helpful to know a few things about how data is organized in the system. Persons Specific customers / individuals that you are selling to. Any information relating to each contact such as scheduled events,  emails, notes, etc., will be […]

Custom Fields

* Available to Admins or Authorized Users * We know that some customers need extra fields to meet their company’s needs. If you need more fields please know you can customize your database at anytime! You can create unlimited custom fields in Persons Organizations Deals With custom fields you will have more information to classify […]

Calendar custom activity / event types

Onpipeline comes with a basic set of event types, but you can create custom activity types – with their own color – to be able to make the CRM more specific to your business. In the example below you will see an extra type named Interview: To create a new activity type: Go to Settings […]

Onpipeline is a great sales CRM to build and visually manage your sales pipeline, get and organize Leads from 3rd parties through web forms and API, and much more.