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What happens to emails when I remove a User?

When you remove a User, all Personal Emails will be removed, except the messages that were linked to a Deal! Those emails remain visible in the Deal History (Deal page), for Admins or Users who have access to that Deal.

Is it suitable for my Industry?

Yes, the Onpipeline CRM can be customized to meet any industry needs. You can setup your pipelines and stages to fit in your sales processes. Also, our database is customizable, you can add any information with custom fields.

How secure is my CRM data?

Our application employs secure HTTPS connections, where all information is encrypted. We store backups and we can restore your information. All backups are through Amazon Web Services. This means your data is safely stored in a secure cloud. No employee is allowed to see the specific content of your database without your permission.

How many calendars will I have?

Onpipeline includes a calendar where you will store all your activities (Events). Each user (seat) has its own calendar (1 user = 1 calendar). Calendars are also accessible by Team Leaders of the team where the user belongs and Admins. Read More

Why do I send double email invites with Calendar sync?

If you add events in Onpipeline, please know that Microsoft reads the guests in your event and sends its own invitation, like the event were added on their applications. If you want to avoid a double invite just add your guest and leave “Email Guests outside your organization” unchecked. This way the invitation will be sent only by Microsoft when it syncs the event.

How can I cancel my account?

It is possible to cancel a subscription at any time through the billing section of your account.
Trial accounts cannot be manually canceled. All trial accounts – if you don’t subscribe – will be automatically deleted when they expire, at the end of the trial period.

I can’t find emails sent from Onpipeline. What can I do?

If you can’t find the email massages you sent from Onpipeline, possible reasons are:

  • you deleted the “Sent” folder on your IMAP server
  • you un-flagged the “Sent” folder in your IMAP configuration on Onpipeline

The Sent folder is used by Onpipeline to store the messages when you send emails from your account. A few SMTP servers do not automatically save sent messages to the Sent Mail folder of your IMAP. In order to solve this Onpipeline, like other email clients, creates a top-level folder named “Sent” in your IMAP, and saves there a copy of the messages sent with Onpipeline.

How to solve:

Simply create a folder named Sent in your IMAP server or check if the Sent folder is flagged in your IMAP configuration on Onpipeline.

How can I import my contacts from Excel?

In order to import contacts from excel you need to save your excel file as CSV. Open your file in Excel, then go to “File / Save as” and select comma separated values text file (CSV UTF-8). Then simply upload the new file! Please be advised that your CSV file must include the same number of fields you have in Onpipeline.

More info:

What happens when I delete an email message?

From Onpipeline you can delete any email message. This action, unless your provider has some special blocks, will also delete the message on your email server. If you delete the message from your server the message will not be automatically deleted from Onpipeline.

How can I add new Leads to Contacts database?

You have different ways to create contacts in your database. Apart from doing that manually from the UI, you can use the Leads IN module and create Leads on your website by using web forms and/or API. You might also prefer to create directly a contact in your database with our API. More info.

What happens if I delete a Pipeline?

If you delete a Pipeline all its content (deals) will be deleted. Do do not remove Pipelines unless you are sure.
You can rename Pipelines! Also, there is a trick if you just need to hide a Pipeline so that it will not be shown in the menu: Assign the Pipeline to an empty Team!

Can I use Onpipeline to invoice my customers?

Onpipeline is a CRM focused on Sales. It does not include administrative native tools for invoicing an billing. You should use your own billing system, likely connected to your accounting department.

On our side we can help you make billing information available within Onpipeline thanks to custom fields  (i.e. payment status, etc.), and if you or your developers can integrate external data you can easily use Action Menus, Widgets and/or sync data with our API.

I can’t login with Chrome. Why?

If you can’t login with Chrome and don’t see any error message on the login page, it means you are blocking cookies.
Are you using “incognito” or have simply configured your browsers not to accept cookies?
Put chrome://settings/cookies in your Chrome address bar and try to fix the issue.
Another possible reason is that you have a Firewall or a Chrome Extension blocking cookies.

Are CRM contacts private?

All Contacts are accessible by every user with a CRM account, as this is how the majority of businesses need to work in order to avoid bottlenecks or useless contact records (duplicates).

By default Deals are shared with all users, but you may:

  • completely hide them (private)
  • share with a team
  • share with specific users

* Team Leaders of your team and Admins can always see Deals.

Shared (or private) Deals

Can other users see all my emails after the sync?

Personal Email

As far as personal email is concerned the short answer is No! Your emails can be viewed only by you.

There is an exception for email messages that are linked to Deals or Contacts. In those cases, from the deal or contact page, other users will be able to see email messages  from/to  a customer that is in the CRM.  Personal emails – that are not connected to an email address of a CRM contact – can’t be found by others. From a CRM point of view it is important that people in your company can see all contacts with any customer.

Team Email

This kind of emails are intended to be shared. So any user belonging to the Team will be able to read emails, directly in the Email section.

Is there a Mobile App for iOS or Android?

Onpipeline is not going to offer iOS or Android Apps. Onpipeline is a mobile website (msite) and can be accessed from any mobile device with a mobile browser, regardless of the operating system, as long as an internet connection is available. Users don’t have to spend time installing new versions and updates to experience improvements. Just go to with your mobile browser.

Is your CRM HIPAA complaint?

The short answer is Yes. We meet the administrative, physical and technical safeguards as required by HIPAA, with the exception of data encryption, which is not a ‘required’ element of HIPAA. While we do encrypt passwords, we do not encrypt all data stored on our servers. Data transmission is done via HTTPS. The business associate agreement should be assessed by your compliance legal department, and a signed copy can obtained from us.

Are you EU-US Privacy Shield compliant?

Yes. We do comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. We collect, store, and use personal information in accordance with  the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What happens to my data when the trial ends?

The trial account is a fully functional account with a free period. If you want to continue with your data and settings, just to the Billing section of your account and subscribe before your trial ends.

If you don’t subscribe we’ll delete your data after the trial ends. Here is how it works: After the trial ends we will suspend your account access (login). Data and settings will be maintained for the following 7 days.

How can I migrate data from my current CRM?

In just a few clicks, your contacts can be imported into Onpipeline. You can import a csv spreadsheet with your information as explained here. You will be able to map each column to the corresponding destination field on Onpipeline. Custom fields may help you import important information about your customers.

Can I see my phone calls in Onpipeline?

Onpipeline provides you with API that your call center can use to upload phone calls and recordings. We will match calls (in/out) with your contacts phone numbers and – if they match – you will see them in the contact or deal page below  “History/Tel”. Your call center can also upload a mp3 file with the recording that you may listen directly in Onpipeline. Alternatively, you can try one of our native integrations with cloud based phone providers like Cloudtalk or Aircall.

Why when I download data to Excel columns are not formatted?

CVS files generated by Onpipeline are comma separated, according to the standard

If you open the CSV file in Excel and the data is not formatted automatically (all data loaded in the first column), it means your O.S. default “list separator” is a semicolon or a tab.

You have 2 options to solve this:

– If you want to properly read the CSV every time you open the file with Excel, you can change the default list separator to a comma (,) in your O.S. system preferences. It depends on your O.S. but normally you can find this in “Regional and Language Options”.

– You can import the file by using the “Text Import Wizard”. Open Excel and go to the Data tab > Get External Data > From Text. Additional information can be found here:


How can I remove a user?

User can be removed in settings / users. If you you want to remove the user from your subscription (you don’t need the seat anymore) it can be done in the billing area.

When you remove a user all its data will be permanently removed. This means that we will remove all its settings. If there are any Events or Deals connected to that user, they will remain orphan but always available to Admins, or other authorized users.

Can I add fields to the Deal Card in the sales pipeline view?

Yes! We can add more information to the deal card of your pipeline view.

At the moment you can add the following fields

  • Organization Name and/or
  • Person Name and/or
  • A custom field of your choice


If you wish to add a custom field, please create the custom field for deals and send us the API id.

If you wish to customize your deal card please contact

More info about custom fields


What happens if I subscribe before my trial period ends?

You may subscribe at anytime during your free trial. Onpipeline simply registers your order and will bill you only once the trial period expires. In other words, if you subscribe before you will not lose the remaining free days.

Where can I find my Invoices?

You can always find your invoices in the billing section of your Onpipeline account (only admins have access to this area). All invoices will be available within a few hours after your credit card has been successfully charged. Moreover, the billing contact email address automatically receives a pdf invoice.

Can I add multiple persons to a deal?

A deal can only have one linked Person or Organization. If you need more people linked to a deal they can be added as persons “involved”. Persons involved  are not  linked to the deal like the main contact, but this feature will allow you to have a complete view of all the persons that are participating.

Where do I find my ID?

When you contact Support you may need to provide your User ID and your Organization ID.
You can find your ID by clicking on the top right corner of your Account.

Can I upgrade or downgrade (switch plans)?

Upgrades and downgrades of your account are always possible within your billing area, even during your  (free) trial. You can add or remove seats at anytime. Any account change will be automatically prorated and billed at the end of the billing period. If you downgrade you will immediately loose features and data, please pay attention.

I Need Help! How Do I Contact the Support Team?

Our friendly  team is always happy to help you with any questions that you may have!

The easiest way to reach the support team is by using our live chat (the chat box is in the bottom right corner when we are online). Through live chat, our support team  make the troubleshooting process a smooth, pain free experience. Alternatively 24/7 you can submit a request or send an email  to

Working hours / availability:
M-F : 9AM to 6PM GMT+1
Email support: 24/7

We encourage the use of emails for any technical issue as it will help us provide you with a more precise and quick answer (with links and examples).

Please always provide your ID

You may experience slight delays in response times outside of normal weekday support hours. We are working hard to extend our support hours!