Getting Started

How is Onpipeline data organized?

This page shows admin users how to get started with Onpipeline in a few simple steps.

✓ Basic Configuration

✓ Create one or more Contacts

  1. Add a Contact OR
  2. Upload Contacts from CSV

✓ Create and mange a Deal

  1. Add a Deal
  2. Manage a Deal

✓ Creating Events (Activities)

  1. Create/update an Event (Activity)
  2. Google and Microsoft Calendar Sync (optional)

✓ Connect Your Emails

  1. Email Overview
  2. Connect your Email

Emails are not included in the Pipeline Plan.

✓ Phone Calls and Onpipeline

  1.  Calling from Onpipeline
  2.  Aircall Call Center
  3.  Cloudtalk Call Center

Also, you might want to read more about integrating your CRM with external apps.

Please see our Knowledge Base and/or contact our support team at should you have any questions.

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