Contacts & Leads

Information on managing contacts and leads in the CRM.

Contacts Overview

Contact database in Onpipeline is organized into Persons Organizations Leads IN (in Standard plans) Organizations are the companies/businesses where Persons work (in other CRMs they are called Accounts). In Onpipeline, Contacts include both potential and active customers, while Leads in Leads IN are new contacts who have shown interest through a web form, for example. If […]

Adding Contacts

Contacts are the People or Organizations you’re selling to. You can access your contacts through the Persons or Organisations Tabs. Contacts can be added: by clicking the button “New Person” or “New Organization” on the fly when adding a New Deal directly when linking contacts to a deal with a CSV file from an email message by receiving a web […]

Import / Upload Contacts

Available to Admins or Authorized Users Don’t have time or experience with data files? If you don’t have IT support in your company, we can import contacts from your file and create custom database fields based on the structure of your data. Additional fees apply – please contact You can upload contacts to your Onpipeline  […]

Leads IN (Lead Generation)

In lead generation, a “lead” refers to a potential customer or client who has shown interest in a product or service through marketing campaigns but has not yet been verified. What is Leads IN? Leads IN essentially functions as a parallel database used to store new leads received from various sources. Rather than sending new […]

Integration of Online Leads

There are different options available to capture leads besides manually entering new contacts into Onpipeline. Web forms Connect any Form API Web Forms You may use our web forms – embedded on your website – that will automatically generate a lead in Leads IN. Then you will be able to convert the lead into a […]

Lead Sources

With Onpipilene you will be able to create as many Leads Sources as you need. You will then be able to provide them with dedicated web form and/or a dedicated access to your API. This tool particularly useful in online marketing when you receive leads from external companies. Source ID: It can be used in […]

Wpforms – Onpipeline Integration

You can stay in control of the sales process with your Onpipeline CRM account, but you’ll need to add contacts and deals. The best solution is to create a custom form and add it to your WordPress site, then connect the form to your Onpipeline account with Zapier. First you need to do is install […]

Jotform – Onpipeline Integration

Stay in control of the sales with your Onpipeline account, but you’ll need to collect new leads. A good solution is to create a form and add it to your WordPress site with Jotform, then connect the form to your Onpipeline account with Zapier. You need to install and activate the Jotform plugin on your wordpress site. […]

How to receive leads using the API

Onpipeline offers an API to capture leads (Leads IN) from your lead sources (business partners, marketing companies, etc.). The API creates leads based on the data provided in the JSON body and it saves you from writing any code to handle duplicate records. Access to this resource is grant to “Lead Sources” through unique API […]

Lead / Contact Scoring

Lead scoring is used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived potential. Lead scoring ensures that sales preps go first for leads that are qualified by their scores. With Onpipeline you can choose the scale you prefer and even have more than one score. This is achieved by setting custom fields. You […]

Web Forms

Build web forms with just a few clicks! Choose to store your data in Leads IN or save it directly as a new contact. Plus, receive instant email notifications whenever a form is submitted.  Continue reading for more details. Fully customizable Use it on your web site – You can copy the form (which you […]

Send Bulk Emails to your Contacts

* Advanced Plan required * Get the most out of your business emails. Find recipients using filters in list views, select them and use custom templates. You can track the status of your emails and schedule them to be sent at convenient times. Once you have selected your list, click again on the “Bulk Email” […]

Search Filters & Profiles

Onpipeline allows you to create your own search filters and save them at user level. Once you’ve established your data structure, possibly by adding custom fields, filters enable you to access specific profiles. With filters, you can extract targeted lists of your contacts to organize marketing campaigns, send mass emails or SMS, or simply download […]

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