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Integrate Your Website Leads

Once a lead is generated on your website there are different approaches your can consider to send it to your CRM if you don’t want to add it manually. Web Forms The easiest way that does not require a developer is to use web forms that will automatically generate a lead in your CRM Leads […]

Link Person and Organization

Each deal can can be linked to a contact person and organization. It can be done from the deal page at anytime, or when the deal is created. You are free to link any person and/or organization, no matter if they are linked to each other. You may link a contact person from another company. […]

Deals and Products

Products/Categories Products help you organize/classify your deals, if you need more info you can always add some custom fields to the deal. Deals can be connected to one or more products/categories that Admins can add through your account settings. Once products are added to Onpipeline, you will be able to add them (one or more) […]

Deals Overview

Deals represent your sale opportunity. In other words “your sale project”. You can easily create a deal from the application. Deals can be linked to a person (your contact for the deal) and an organization. The organization is normally the one to which the contact person belongs but you are free to link the deal […]

Manage your Deals

Once your deal is created you will move it  with a simple drag along the pipeline according to the progress you have achieved. When you start dragging a bar will appear on the bottom of the page, with options to mark a deal as Won or Lost. Won and Lost deals will disappear from your […]

How to add a deal

You can add a deal starting from different locations within Onpipeline. Deals can be added directly from the deal area or from person and organization panels. When you add a deal you can connect it to the person and the organization and optionally set information like the value and expected closing. It’s important that you […]

Onpipeline is a great sales CRM to build and visually manage your sales pipeline, get and organize Leads from 3rd parties through web forms and API, and much more.
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