Information about deals, pipelines, quotes and subscriptions.

Deals Overview

Deals represent your sale opportunity. In other words “your sales project”. You can easily create a deal from the application. Deals can be linked to a person (your contact for the deal) and an organization. The organization is normally the one to which the contact person belongs but you are free to link the deal […]

How to add a deal

You can add a deal starting from different locations within Onpipeline. Deals can be added directly from the deal area or from person and organization panels. When you add a deal you can connect it to the person and the organization and optionally set information like the value and expected closing. It’s important that you […]

Manage your Deals

Once your deal is created you will move it  with a simple drag along the pipeline according to the progress you have achieved.   We will show the deals depending on the activity you have scheduled.   When you start dragging a bar will appear on the bottom of the page, with options to mark […]

How to order deals in the pipeline

You can organize your pipeline to show the deals that requires your attention, depending on the activity or how you are more comfortable. You can move a deal up and down on a stage based on its importance or simply based on your own criteria, this is what we call “custom order”. Also, you can […]

Deal Transfer (changing deal owner)

To change the owner, simply go to the deal page. In the top right corner, just select the name of the new owner. This operation can only be performed by the administrator or the current owner of the deal. The takeover by standard users is not possible. Also, your deals can be transferred through an automation, […]

Deal Probability

The probability indicates the likelihood of a deal being successfully concluded by its expected close date. Onpipeline can automatically computes the deal’s value using the assigned probability, simplifying the process of forecasting. To modify the probability for your deals, navigate to the pipeline view and click on the probability, or directly access the deal page […]

Deal Card Elements

Admins and authorized users may customize the way the deal card is presented in the Pipeline view. You can optionally add the linked organization, the linked person and/or a custom field of your choice. In order to customize the deal card just go to Settings and click on “Deal card”, then save the form to […]

Recurring Revenue – Subscriptions

You acquire new customers and they keep paying you every month, week, quarter or year. Business is more predictable and there is less effort in maintaining your revenue stream. You can track how fast your business is growing and analyze how it changes from month to month (period to period). Recurring revenue is a deal […]

Link Person and Organization

Each deal can can be linked to a contact person and organization. It can be done from the deal page at anytime, or when the deal is created. You are free to link any person and/or organization, no matter if they are linked to each other. You may link a contact person from another company. […]

Hey! Virtual assistant

Hey! is a virtual assistant integrated into Onpipeline, providing real-time updates and guidance. It continuously tracks your progress, ensuring you never overlook important tasks, maintaining pipeline efficiency, and capitalizing on every opportunity. Think of Hey! as more than just AI – it’s powered by cutting-edge algorithms meticulously crafted by our skilled engineers. The result? A […]

Shared (or private) Deals

You can decide whether to share a Deal with other users when you create the Deal and you can change this setting from the deal page at anytime. By default a deal is “shared with al users” but you can decide to choose other options: “Not Shared” –  You are the only one who can […]

QuickBooks Integration

Creating an invoice for your customers so they can pay is important. Onpipeline – QuickBooks Invoicing integration allows you to: Create an invoice View (or send) invoices Action Menu When you install the QuickBooks app, it will automatically generate links in the action menus – for both persons and organizations – allowing you to view […]

Viewing your Pipeline on a Map

You can see your open deals on  google’s map just by clicking on a button. Deals will be shown with colored pins according to the stage in which they are located. To launch the map you just need to click on this icon from the pipeline view. Take advantage of this feature to plan your […]

Deal Categories (classify your deals)

Deal Categories help you organize/classify your deals, if you need more info you can always add some custom fields to the deal. Deals can be connected to one or more product/category that Admins can add through your account settings. Once products are added to Onpipeline, you will be able to add them (one or more) from […]

Quotes & e-Signature

To expedite and simplify order acquisition, you can send the quote for digital signature. The process is straightforward and does not require any external form or application; it is included in our plans. To create an envelope, simply generate the quote, and once it’s ready (and approved by the manager, if required in your configuration), […]

Deal Card Emojis

Forgetting to plan activities with a customer negatively affect sales. Emoji icons in the deal card of your pipelines are used to give an immediate feeling. Icons tell you if future activities (calendar events) have been scheduled. Sad This means there are either no events linked to that deal or an event that was previously […]

Complex Sales Process (Workflow)

Advanced Account required Using this feature is optional, but it can help team members adhere to a standardized process and consistently complete all necessary steps. By associating tasks with the stages of your pipeline, you create a logical and organized workflow: It’s a reference/checklist for the activities to be carried out. It helps the Team […]


The pricebook will be used to prefill your quotes (and invoices) and to obtain sales reports by product. By clicking on the green “Pricebook” button – see upper-right corner – you will be able to enter your items and prices. Please note that IDs must be unique and if there are duplicates they will not […]

Multi-currency in Quotes

Are you selling to different countries? Onpipeline allows you to select the currency of your quote, and more! While creating a quote in a currency that is not your default currency, the price of the product that you select from your price book is calculated on the fly and shown on the page. Currency exchange […]

Inventory & Stock Control

Advanced account required If you manage a stock, you’ll know that one of the challenges faced by sales reps is knowing the inventory balance before making an offer when defining delivery times. Our Inventory module simplifies and automates inventory commitments generated by the sales network. This means that the team will have visibility both on […]

Move a deal to another Pipeline

This function is useful if you have different Pipelines and need to move a deal to another pipeline for any reason. You can move a deal to another pipeline from the deal page, simply click on the Pipeline name and select where you want to move the deal. Note: if you are an admin user […]

Sales Goals

With Advanced Plans Admins can assign sales goals to reps or teams for a time period. You can set unlimited goals on the same period and filter your goals by pipeline or deal category. As a sales rep you will see your goals in the Report section of your account. From-To: Date range within which the […]

Search Filters & Profiles

Onpipeline allows you to create your own search filters and save them at user level. Once you’ve established your data structure, possibly by adding custom fields, filters enable you to access specific profiles. With filters, you can extract targeted lists of your contacts to organize marketing campaigns, send mass emails or SMS, or simply download […]

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