Learn how to connect your emails with the CRM and enhance productivity.

Email Overview

Email is only available in the Standard plan. Onpipeline provides an internal email client that allows you to read and write emails. You can continue working with your preferred email client or use Onpipeline to read and send emails, or both solutions. The main goal is to access relevant client information in one place, and […]

Bcc Email

Bcc Email feature is available in the Standard plan. What is Bcc Utilizing our Bcc function, you have the option to manually transfer specific email conversations to your CRM. If there are any pertinent (open) deals or contacts in your account, they will be automatically associated. You also have the possibility to manually link the […]

Connect your email account

You can connect any mailbox to your Onpipeline account. Email Sync feature is compatible with all major email providers. Just go to Settings / Email and enter your credentials to connect your IMAP account (read) SMTP account (send) At user level you can configure your “personal email”, if you are an Admin you may add […]

Write an email

In addition to the Mail section, from which you can always write emails, within your Onpipeline account you will be able to write an email from anywhere you see an email address. Just click on the address (click-to-email link) to open the email client. It works like other email clients, such as outlook: write a […]

Email Templates

Messages can be standardized so as not to forget important parts when writing to a customer. Email templates represent the easiest way for salesperson to save time! It’s like writing an email that you will send in the future. You will be able to reuse the template by clicking on the template button of each […]

Customize your email Signature

You can personalize your email signature when sending an email from Onpipeline. To customize your email signature, navigate to Settings > Email then select Signature.  

Email Tracking

In just one click you will see when the email sent from the application was opened and clicked by the recipient. Morever, you can track if your attachments (i.e. offers) were opened. You can see opens by clicking on the green eye in your sent message. You can see clicks or downloads by clicking on […]

How to connect my Office365 email account to Onpipeline

On standard accounts go here The mailbox form appears with the IMAP and SMTP server. Type in your email address, user name, password and other details as follows, then click on save.   Two-way sync of the Sent folder: mails sent from Onpipeline are written back to your office365 account and vice-versa. If you access […]

App Password on Office365

Use App passwords instead of your usual password to connect your email to Onpipeline. IMPORTANT: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be enabled for your Office365 user account. Just go to (login as user) to create one in 1 minute. Select App Password Method Enter a name for the App Password and click next Copy the […]

Google Emails

In your google account under “Security” Enable 2-step verification: Create an app password for Onpipeline to be used instead of your usual password. Should you have any doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

App Password for Gmail

2-step verification must be enabled for your user account, you can use an app password to login. Just use this password instead of your usual password to connect your email to Onpipeline. Here is how to create an app password on Gmail. 1. Connect to your google account  2. Under “Security” look for App Passwords 3. Then […]

Send Bulk Emails to your Contacts

* Advanced Plan required * Get the most out of your business emails. Find recipients using filters in list views, select them and use custom templates. You can track the status of your emails and schedule them to be sent at convenient times. Once you have selected your list, click again on the “Bulk Email” […]

Email host names and ports from the most used mail providers

Industry default email ports (for almost all the providers) are: IMAP: PORT 993 | SMTP: PORT 465 (SSL) OR 587 (TLS) Please find below the configuration data of the most used email providers: Gmail – G Suite Aws Workmail Rackspace Godaddy Office 365 Outlook Gmail – G Suite Before you proceed, in your google account […]

Gmail / Chrome Extension

You can access CRM Contacts and Deals directly from your Gmail. Add or update your Contacts and Activities without leaving your Inbox! With this Chrome Extension when you click on any email message, you’ll see the contacts, your sales history, and much more. Each day you will obtain a clear overview of what you need to […]


MailChimp is an email marketing provider you may use to design and distribute email campaigns. Mailchimp can be integrated into Onpipeline, allowing you to export filtered list of contacts into Mailchimp Audiences. Connecting MailChimp with Onpipeline requires a MailChimp account. If you wish to create a MailChimp account, click here. Connect your account to Mailchimp […]

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