Security & Privacy

Too many login attempts

Our system prevents unauthorized access attempts by activating an automatic lockdown if the user tries incorrect combinations of username and password. If 5 errors are made, the system enters lockdown for 15 minutes and there will be no way to reset it, even by resetting the password.  

Disabling User Access

If you suspect a user account is at risk, such as when the password has been reported compromised and the user has not changed it, as an administrator, you can temporarily disable access for that specific user. Simply navigate to the Users panel and click the status “ACTIVE” once. The user account will remain with […]

Session Timeout

Configure the Inactivity Timeout to establish a policy for the duration of user inactivity within your organization before automatic sign-out occurs. This feature enhances the security of sensitive company data and provides an additional layer of protection for end users, especially those working on shared devices. By default, in all new accounts, the timeout is […]

IP Restriction

IP restrictions provide an added layer of security and help maintain compliance with data protection regulations. By limiting access to specific IP addresses, you can ensure that only employees within a trusted network, such as your office or a secure VPN, can access customer information. When you activate IP restrictions, users trying to log in […]

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

These are common actions that could put you at risk of having your password stolen: Using the same password on more than one site Downloading software from the Internet Clicking on links in email messages 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) can keep bad guys out, even if they have your password. With 2FA we add and extra […]

How is data backed up?

If you delete the full account, it can be recovered for up to 15 days after deletion. Onpipeline maintains real-time database replicas to ensure seamless service continuity. If one of the database machines fails, the backup can be swiftly activated. Additionally, Onpipeline performs nightly full backups of all database machines to safeguard against data corruption. […]

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