Create, send, and track invoices directly within Onpipeline.

Invoices Overview

Onpipeline offers a complete invoicing software. The features we offer, which are in any case constantly evolving, allow you to manage billing within our platform without the need to integrate external systems. We offer fully-customizable templates to add your logo, personal messages, layout and a colour scheme specific to your business. You can: Send invoices […]

Managing Client details

The Client of the invoicing system is distinct from the organization It’s a billing profile that must be created separately. Each client can be linked to an organization ID through the management form. Here’s how you add or edit a Client: On this page you can create a customer card that includes the following key […]

Text Customization and Language

You can customize the texts for each language. To make changes, simply access the panel and select the language as follows Each customer can be assigned a language that will be used to create invoices and for all email messages, which can also be customized in this section. You could use this section not only […]

New Languages for your Invoices

If you have customers in different countries and want to invoice in their language you can create a new language by simply changing any language name in Text & Translations. Open Text & Translations Select any language Edit the language name Click on save (then close and reopen the window) you will see that a […]

Payment details in invoices

Customise your branding theme to add or remove bank account details and payment terms for sales invoices. You just have to navigate to the settings page as an administrator and add the text that will appear inside the invoices. Payment details typically include bank information and/or a link for credit card payments. In this section, […]

Sales Tax & Withholding Tax

Onpipeline provides basic default rates of 0%. You can create your own. If you apply rates to client accounts, they’re automatically used whenever you choose that account in a transaction. You can always change the sales tax rate within invoices at the item level. The name can be whatever you want to better identify the […]

Automatic invoice from Subscriptions

If you work with subscriptions you have the possibility to automate the creation of a document by activating the function in the invoices section as an administrator. This feature requires an “Advanced” account. The document is created on each expiration date based on the setup you have for both your template and client. Possible options: […]

Create an Invoice from a Sales Quote

You can save time and errors by selecting the contents of the sales quote within the invoice form. Here’s how it works: When the customer is selected – if he is associated with a crm organization and there are won deals connected to the organization – the name of the deal to be selected will […]

How to generate an XML file for electronic invoicing

Different countries have specific standards for electronic invoicing, which is a mandatory practice aimed at improving tax compliance and transaction efficiency. For instance, Italy requires the FatturaPA format, Germany uses ZUGFeRD, and Mexico the CFDI. Onpipeline provides APIs¬† – in any plan – that allow developers to retrieve necessary data and automatically format it into […]

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