Integrate with external databases and software to meet your business needs.


API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs define the methods and data formats that applications can use to request and exchange information. Essentially, an API serves as an intermediary. APIs in Onpipeline can be used for various purposes, such as, retrieving data from the server, integrating with third-party applications, or enabling different components of a […]


A webhook (also called Push API) is a way to provide your other applications with real-time information about Persons Organizations Deals Calendar events A webhook delivers data to other applications when you create or update a record, meaning you can get data immediately. A webhook will POST exactly the json object you receive by querying […]


Work with external Apps without leaving Onpipeline! Widgets allow users to see and use the data from external apps directly inside Onpipeline in the form of a page layer. We will pass all relevant information to the Widget in the query string – as described below – so that you will be able to personalise […]

Actions Menu

Actions allow users to send data from their accounts to external Apps. They give your users the option for example to add contacts to email lists, link to a billing system, create a document, etc. Actions can be added thought your account settings to the actions menu shown in the upper right area of Persons Organizations […]

Integration of Online Leads

There are different options available to capture leads besides manually entering new contacts into Onpipeline. Web forms Connect any Form API Web Forms You may use our web forms – embedded on your website – that will automatically generate a lead in Leads IN. Then you will be able to convert the lead into a […]

Log Panel (external app events)

It’s easy to integrate any external information into Onpipeline! You can use this API resource, which will actually create an event in the log of a contact or deal so your team can have everything on one page. You can also insert external links for further user insights. The source can literally be any event […]

OAuth Authentication

OAuth simplifies the process of obtaining an API token. When an admin user authorizes a third-party app with OAuth, the app receives a token. This token serves as the API token, enabling the app to authenticate and access Onpipeline’s APIs on behalf of the user. OAuth ensures secure access without the need to share user […]


Connect Onpipeline to 2,000+ Apps Zapier is an online automation tool for non-developers that connects Onpipeline to your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Mailchimp, and more. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. It’s easy enough that anyone can build […]

Phone Calls Integration

Within Onpipeline phone number are automatically converted into links. Start phone calls with a single click and view the calls you made or received – including any call recording – automatically linked to the right person and deal. We integrate with some of the leading cloud-based call centers. You can use providers or SIP-based phone […]

SMS from Onpipeline

SMS Integration enables SMS on Onpipeline, allowing your customers to receive text messages. Agents can send real time text messages from the contact page Unlimited templates All messages automatically available in the contact history Automate appointment reminders You can create templates that automatically include, for example, the date and time of the next appointment in […]

Aircall Call Center

Get rid of  data entry after phone calls. Sales reps save time with automatic call logging and quick access to the Deal or Contact page. You can start your calls by clicking on phone numbers in Onpipeline or directly from the App. All calls are automatically logged in the Tel tab along with key details […]

Email host names and ports from the most used mail providers

Industry default email ports (for almost all the providers) are: IMAP: PORT 993 | SMTP: PORT 465 (SSL) OR 587 (TLS) Please find below the configuration data of the most used email providers: Gmail – G Suite Aws Workmail Rackspace Godaddy Office 365 Outlook Gmail – G Suite Before you proceed, in your google account […]

Cloudtalk Call Center

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system solution the you can integrate with Onpipeline. Cloudtalk offers advanced features,international numbers, SMS, call recordings, click-to-call, call routing, etc. We sync all your contact into Cloudtalk every hour. Every call, including notes, is synchronized with contacts and deals almost in real time. Click-to-Call to easily initiate calls with a single […]

Justcall Call Center

Justcall is a cloud-based phone system solution the you can integrate with Onpipeline. Justcall offers great features,international numbers, call recordings, click-to-call, call routing, etc. We sync all your contacts into Justcall every hour. Every call, including notes, is synchronized with contacts and deals almost in real time. Click-to-Call to easily initiate calls with a single click […]

Calendar Sync (Google, Microsoft Office 365)

With several different calendars there is the risk of missing an appointment. With Onpipeline you can connect to your Gmail or Microsoft Calendar in a 2-way replication. It means that you can add events to Onpipeline and find them on the connected Calendar and vice-versa. You can connect with your external calendar in Settings / […]

Calendly – Onpipeline Integration

What is Calendly? With Calendly you can make scheduling with your clients. You can increase your velocity by scheduling meetings with leads! With the Calendly integration, you can automatically: Create meetings in your Onpipeline calendar when clients schedule on Calendly. Update the calendar event on Onpipeline when a meeting is rescheduled or cancelled. Create the […]


MailChimp is an email marketing provider you may use to design and distribute email campaigns. Mailchimp can be integrated into Onpipeline, allowing you to export filtered list of contacts into Mailchimp Audiences. Connecting MailChimp with Onpipeline requires a MailChimp account. If you wish to create a MailChimp account, click here. Connect your account to Mailchimp […]

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