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I can’t find emails sent from Onpipeline. What can I do?

If you can’t find the email massages you sent from Onpipeline, possible reasons are:

  • you deleted the “Sent” folder on your IMAP server
  • you un-flagged the “Sent” folder in your IMAP configuration on Onpipeline

The Sent folder is used by Onpipeline to store the messages when you send emails from your account. A few SMTP servers do not automatically save sent messages to the Sent Mail folder of your IMAP. In order to solve this Onpipeline, like other email clients, creates a top-level folder named “Sent” in your IMAP, and saves there a copy of the messages sent with Onpipeline.

How to solve:

Simply create a folder named Sent in your IMAP server or check if the Sent folder is flagged in your IMAP configuration on Onpipeline.

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