Learn how to use reports and gain valuable insights into your business performance.

Reports Overview

Sales reps can track their results and managers can see their team’s performance. You can see deals and activities across time or any data point you want. Create charts to view the team members that bring more revenue, understand the reasons behind your data and make corrections to your sales process. You can identify trends, […]

Hey! Virtual assistant

Hey! is a virtual assistant integrated into Onpipeline, providing real-time updates and guidance. It continuously tracks your progress, ensuring you never overlook important tasks, maintaining pipeline efficiency, and capitalizing on every opportunity. Think of Hey! as more than just AI – it’s powered by cutting-edge algorithms meticulously crafted by our skilled engineers. The result? A […]

How to download data from Onpipeline

You are in control of your data. You can download your data into a CSV format at any time, which can also be easily imported into Excel, directly from the following list views: Persons Organizations Deals Quotes Leads IN To download your data, simply click on the “.csv” button located on the filters bar. Please […]

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