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Phone Calls

Calling from Onpipeline

Within Onpipeline phone number are automatically converted into links. You can use providers or SIP-based phone systems. Admin user can set the protocol syntax in settings/company settings (phone link prefix) The most common protocols are: “tel”, “callto” or “sip”. Just add the prefix like “tel:”, you will have the phone number automatically appended (i.e. tel:123456789). […]

Aircall Call Center

Get rid of  data entry after phone calls. Sales reps save time with automatic call logging and quick access to the Deal or Contact page. You can start your calls by clicking on phone numbers in Onpipeline or directly from the App. All calls are automatically logged in the Tel tab along with key details […]

Cloudtalk Call Center

CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system solution the you can integrate with Onpipeline. Cloudtalk offers advanced features,international numbers, SMS, call recordings, click-to-call, call routing, etc. We sync all your contact into Cloudtalk every hour. Every call, including notes, is synchronized with contacts and deals almost in real time. Click-to-Call to easily initiate calls with a single […]

Onpipeline is a great sales CRM to build and visually manage your sales pipeline, get and organize Leads from 3rd parties through web forms and API, and much more.