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What is a Cloud based CRM?

A Cloud CRM is a service (SaaS) that offers access to the application via Web browser. Employees can log in to the CRM App simultaneously from the Internet.

Imagine that you need to make some urgent sales calls, send sales proposals, or quickly find a phone number or an e-mail when you are out of the office. Cloud CRM gives you access from anywhere. All you need is the internet. You and your colleagues can access a centralized database at any time.

It doesn’t matter if your company employs 5 people or more than 100, a CRM is a tool can help you establish closer connections with your customers, sell more and grow your business.

The word “CRM” brought to mind an image of an expensive software that requires a team of IT experts working solely on maintaining the systems. Today’s CRM software is technologically advanced, user-friendly, and comes in a variety of solutions that are designed to address needs of all types of businesses.

A Cloud based CRM is often a good choice for small or medium businesses. With Cloud based CRM the vendor is responsible for managing the software, providing updates across the systems and taking care of technical glitches, bugs and other issues as they arise. Other benefits of CRM in the cloud include integration with commonly used office applications, email systems and automatic data backups.

Typically the cost of a CRM is based on the number of users and storage requirements and scales up and down as you requirements change. In most cases scaling up is as simple as making a couple of clicks your CRM software.

Just like everything today, CRM systems offer new possibilities and flexible costs. Cloud based CRM operates on the pay-as-you-go subscription model, which requires a small investment.

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