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Nested Sales Process – Steps in each Pipeline Stage

Advanced Account required You can create workflows for your sales reps and associate them with a Pipeline. The steps of the sales process can be associated with each stage of the Pipeline creating a logical path. Once you create the steps you will see something like this in your deal page. In the example Incoming […]

Quote Management

Onpipeline simplifies the sales process with a great quote management module (included in any standard plan). Professional sales quotes can be easily created from deals in 2 minutes, with the option to export as a PDF or send the offer from your email address. Quote management is enabled in your settings you will see a […]

Multi-currency in Quotes

Are you selling to different countries? Onpipeline allows you to select the currency of your quote, and more! While creating a quote in a currency that is not your default currency, the price of the product that you select from your price book is calculated on the fly and shown on the page. Currency exchange […]

Move a deal to another Pipeline

This function is useful if you have different Pipelines and need to move a deal to another pipeline for any reason. You can move a deal to another pipeline from the deal page, simply click on the Pipeline name and select where you want to move the deal. Note: if you are an admin user […]

Sales Goals

With Advanced PlansĀ Admins can assign sales goals to reps or teams for a time period. You can set unlimited goals on the same period and filter your goals by pipeline or deal category. As a sales rep you will see your goals in the Report section of your account. From-To: Date range within which the […]

Search Filters

We help you obtain a personalized view of your contents. Onpipeline allows you to create your own search filters and save them at user level. Filters are accessible from contacts and deals by clicking on this icon: Once you open the filter page you will be required to save a filter name. By clicking on […]

Onpipeline is a great sales CRM to build and visually manage your sales pipeline, get and organize Leads from 3rd parties through web forms and API, and much more.